Bankers to Obama: Stop trashing us... Bankers to Obama: Stop trashing us... That because those Bankers (Too stupid bad ugly evil to know that Bankers must not be allowed to have any profit. Bankers must always prepair to lose money to please all customers. Bankers must not be allowed to charge any service 居酒屋fee from any customers like Traditionally Bank of American USED to do, not even be allowed to charge any customer returned check fee, and must always give the customer the check book Free of Charge like all the flyers name cards you placed in your lob 酒店經紀by or counter or mailed to unknown address. Bankers can only lower the interests rate to make up the free charge printings, must not be allowed to charge any customer whatever fee to show Bankers righteously unselfishly service all rich and poor, big and small customers equa 借貸lly. Bankers are not business, Bankers are the most unselfish <To make sure that every one no matter how poor or how rich he or she or IT may be, must all have the right to say "N0" @@Because the most integrity business man knows that anything you have no freedom to say no, you must have rig 21世紀房屋仲介ht not to pay. This may explain why you need to pay your grocery shopping to leave. And you must have right to take any apple to eat if any grocery place those apple out of their store door. That how come Japan must have to be finished invisible for one of their store worker said run out of their store door to chase any 租房子 said shopping lifter. You did not catch that shopping lifter on the scene, you must have no right to pursue your missed out of your own site.@@ to any bill. The money in your bank account, only you can have right to use it, no one else ## Even your Court or your government proved your money is illegally got from drug or smuggling crimes ARMANI, your Court and your government can only have right to FreeZE your account, must have no right to touch your account## can be allowed to touch your money in your banker account. You may lose your money only for some reason your banker run out of cash or credibility to continue to service all their customers to force that banker must have to close down. That& 系統傢俱#39;s why USA created $100000 insurance %%Because any banker run out of cash or credibility must be those who have more than $100000 Cash inside THAT banker's accounts owners shared crimes, therefore, they deserve to lose any part of money over $100000 there when that banker's crime piled up too high to hide.%% for that very unlikely risk to make sure average American must 室內設計be completely comfortable put their money in Bankers> successful gifted talent most integrity groupd businessman to repay the entire society for the best experienced they luckily have had, and show their appreciate the good luck, the gifted talent they have had from God. You Don't understand my talking point, you dare selfishly shamelessly be the banker, you dare selfishly shamelessly evil minded wo 酒店經紀rk in the banker, you must be killed and go to hells rather sooner than later.) obviously worse than trash(Trash at least not committed treason crime, not committed begging crime to eat powerless tax payers bonelessly), that stupid bad ugly evil Obama too stupid bad ugly evil to know how to kill them all. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 澎湖民宿  .


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